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Why Get Into Self-Publishing

In 2007, surveys showed that there are around 90,000 writers in the United States alone, they can be mainstream writers, technical writers or editors. With huge numbers of writers in the country, how do they get all published? Not everybody gets to be published by a publishing house. This is when self-publishing enters the picture.

There is no huge difference between getting published by a traditional publishing house and by self-publishing company or being a self-published author. You will get published in the same magazines and be in the same issues. The only major difference would be the amount of money you will earn.

Self-publishing offers an author much royalty. Traditional publishing may give an author of about 8 to 10 % of royalties. But once you are into self-publishing, an author can earn as much as 50 percent. You can even get your payments more often. If you work for traditional publishers, then it is more likely that you will be getting the payment quarterly. But if you go for self-publishing, then you can even get your sales monthly. You can get the payment for your self-published CDs or books.

Another thing that authors liked about self-publishing is that they have complete rights over what they wrote. Although writers who go for traditional publishing would still have the right over their work, a self-published author would completely have control and rights over their work.

Aside from the money part, a s elf-published author gets to have more control over the book. Not only do you get to be the author, you get to be the editor too. For some writers this can be overbearing, but for some it is freedom. The message and the content that you intend will not be taken out or corrected.

You just need to make sure that you would polishing your book from any kind of typographical, grammatical and spelling mistakes. If you think that it would be difficult for you to handle your own editing, you can get an editor based on your standards.

Aside from getting the chance to pick your own editor, you can also get your own artist to do the book cover for you. Self-publishers get to talk directly to the artist and help them achieve what they want and translate the writer’s expectations. Aside from covers, you can also design your output in the way you like it, whether it is the book or the CD. You would have control over the total appearance of your work.

If you are travelling every week or on frequently travels trips, then self-publishing promotion would be a breeze. Promoting you book or your CD will also be easy if you already have a lot of connections. Self-publishing would be a breeze

Another good thing about self-publishing is that is allows books to be available in a short period of time. If you go for tradition publishing, it would take 12 to 24 months before it appears on book stores or online shopping sites. A self-published author would have an edge compared to those who are into traditional publishing, the enthusiasm, the eagerness. Definitely, an enthusiastic author would be able to finish and release the book earlier compared with published authors.

Another good thing about self-publishing is that you are not struck with any kind of contract. If you have a contract with self-publishers then that would not be binding you for a long time. If you are unhappy with the what you are getting, then you can take your business elsewhere. Self-publishing are not always about the money. There are freedom that can be associated with it which is sometimes more appealing to writers.


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