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Some Proofs that Self-Publishing Efforts could also Create Best Sellers

Writers and authors in the book industry know for a fact that self-publishing entails more effort and most of the time requires costs to be shouldered. In this practice, publishers are not in any way paying authors for their work. Instead, authors make their own efforts to have the satisfaction of seeing their books hit the bookstores.

Through the years, many people have avoided investing in self-published books. To them, the content of such works are mostly amateurish. Many critics also slam most self-publishing authors and their books for not upholding quality. Thus, it is very rare that self-published books become best sellers. However, it is not impossible. In fact, numerous books that are now regarded as classics were originally self-published by their authors.

Here are some of those interesting and well patronized books. These are major proofs that indeed, self-publishing is not hindering commercial appeal and good quality. Many authors are getting inspiration and hope from them.

‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ is a compilation of inspiring stories written by different people from varying demographics. The book was compiled by modern motivational speakers Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield. The first book was an unexpected success that it sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. The massive support by readers prompted the emergence of succeeding volumes. The book is now one of the most successful book series.

Tom Peters’ ‘In Search of Excellence’ is a seminal management material that has been designated by history as among the most widely read books to date. The book was able to point out effective insights and guidelines that could serve as guidance for corporations and businesses. Robert Waterman co-authored this book. After being published way back in 1982, this book still enjoys huge sales up to this day.

Irma Rombauer’s ‘The Joy of Cooking’ has set the trend for cookbooks in the US long before current famous chefs have hit the bookstores. The book was originally published in 1936 and was able to sell up to 18 million copies worldwide. The book was self-published by the author in 1931 before Boobs-Merrill Company picked it up for a greater commercial printing.

‘Celestine Prophecy’ discusses several spiritual and psychological ideas that could be traced back to the ancient Eastern Traditions. Author James Redfield told his first-hand views and experiences in trying to understand nine spiritual insights found in a discovered old manuscript in Peru. This one relates more about spiritual awakening. It has already sold more than 20 million copies as of 2005, being also translated into 34 different world languages.

Matthew Reilly’s ‘Contest’ is a novel-thriller that has taken Australia and some parts of the world by storm in 1996. The book was initially rejected by almost all major Australian book publishers until the author decided to self-publish it.

‘The Christmas Box’ tells of a story that is specifically for children, who are said to comprise the spirit of the season. Author Richard Paul Evans self-published the book in 1993. In 1995, a commercial publishing house published the novel massively.

Self-publishing is responsible for bringing to readers’ lives some of the best books ever from the best authors. Those best sellers were once underrated and rejected by commercial publishers, but their authors believed in their potential. Now they are part of the industry’s history.


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