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Self-Publishing Tips: Book Writing Magic

If you have decided to go for self-publishing, then you have to prepared to handle everything. A self-published author would have to deal with different aspects of book production, from writing and editing up to marketing and distributing the books. It is a jam-packed job and you need to be prepared to handle that.

In addition to that, you will also need to prepare yourself against prejudices. Self-published authors are often mistaken as good publishing houses “rejects.” Therefore, there are some people who view self-published book second-rated. It is up to you to prove them wrong! There are writing tips that you can do to help them change their minds.

The first tip is to set expectations that are achievable. Do not expectations that you know are beyond what you can do. There is a fine line separating wishful thinking and realistic goal-setting. Do no expect that you will get rich because of your book sales. There are a lot of people who could be writing the same topic as your do. Competition is tough. You can choose to write something you are passionate about. Interest can be a great inspiration for effective writing.

Readers lose interest if your book is disorganized and events are disengaged. Organization is the key. To make the book flow and the book organized, then prepare for writing an outline. You can decide on the major areas that you would like to focus or highlight on your book. These major areas could be the chapters itself. When writing the chapters, make sure that you give then good titles, titles that will grab the reader’s attention easily.

Also to keep your book organized, you can use sub-headings and bulleted points. This would be easy for the reader’s eyes and at the same systematic. If you would like to use pictures or illustrations in your book, make sure that they fit in the style and at the same time they do nod disrupt the flow of the book. Photographs and illustrations are meant to increase the reader’s understanding and supplement the text, not to distract the readers from it.

Good writers rarely do marathon writing. Marathon writing would not make you finish a good material in a short period of time. Sure thing, there are some writers that may find this style effective for them. But it is not a good style for everybody. Writers would mostly do short writing time every day.

Another thing that writers should be aware and avoid is the editing whenever you see something wrong. This can be called premature editing. Save editing for the end. This is a practice that most successful writers do. They would keep the momentum going and save the editing for later.

Another thing that you can do to make everything easy to the eyes is all about the format. Make sure that the words are not compressed. Do not put too many words on a line. Normally it would contain about 50 to 60 characters, spaces included. About 250 words per page would be enough.

Also use spaces adequately. Nothing is more terrifying than reading a page where everything is text, text, text and no spaces at all. But be conscious of using spaces. They can signify something, depending on what is written.

A writer who will be taking advantage of self-publishing may be doing the tasks alone or hire somebody to help him, but he should never detach himself from others. There are writers who would finish writing their manuscript faster if they have the support of their loved ones and family.


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