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Self-Publishing is Literature’s New Frontier

Smart marketing and entrepreneurial spirit has truly propelled some self-published books to become among the best sellers. Modern examples are ‘Life 101’ by Peter McWilliams and John Roger, ‘What Color in Your Parachute?’ by Richard Bolles, and ’50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth’ by Julie Bennett and John Javna. Self-publishing, according to many in the modern literary sector, has been afflicted by the so-called stigma of amateurism. However, that attitude is regarded nowadays as a thing of the not-so-distant past. That is because self-published books have proven time and again that they deserve accolades of praises and respect even from the harshest critics.

Within the publishing hubs and conventional literary centers, that kind of stigma may stay with self-publishing, but to most, it is a timely wake-up call for numerous trade houses, writers, and agents alike. To some experts, most writers today still do not fully realize how advantageous self-publishing actually is. The practice could potentially stand to become a way of making good and timely content more available and accessible to the masses. To some writers, print-on-demand is very unlikely and self-publishing is offering much more opportunities, especially for first-time writers/ authors.

As always, authoring a book or material for the first time could facilitate baptism of fire. Getting into self-publishing arrangements could truly become a very tough decision to make. Some beginners just aim and prefer to experience the conventional rudiments of publishing, which consists of initially approaching an agent, patiently waiting for responses, and possibly dealing with harsh and bitter rejection. Self-publishing could be a ticket to publishing without an author having to undergo the basic and usual ordeals of publishing. It is not surprising that more writers and authors decide to self-publish despite all the risks and challenges involved.

Most self-publishing arrangements call for authors to shoulder full or a greater part of publishing costs. Some publishers may be willing to give assistance and facilitation, but with appropriate and standard fees. Many writers simply get to such self-publishing arrangements with their eyes fully shut. To them, what is important is that they finally get to publish their work without having to undergo tedious and nerve-wracking ordeals. Self-publishing could truly facilitate birth pains to new authors. However, in the long run, the results could be all worth it.

Many advocates and professional writers are advocating on convincing more beginners into self-publishing. They assert that there is a need to empower writers about marketing ideas, platform building, promotional strategies, and necessary guidance for maintenance and longevity of every book. Experts attest that it is always in the hands of authors to make their books breathe life and drive. Thus, in principle, if a book does not sell, it could be inferred that the author is not at all trying. Such a statement could easily be related to self-publishing authors. Indeed, self-publishing is really hard work.

In a nutshell, self-publishing could really be a viable way to achieve and maintain a highly successful book career. These days when the literary sector is undergoing major changes at its landscapes, the practice could very well serve as a proboscis of modern literature’s new and changing face.

Amidst tight financials, self-publishing could be providing additional breath to the highly challenged industry. Book authors should really consider this option.


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