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Going For Self-Publishing: Marketing Tips!

Self-publishing a book is something that requires balance in all aspects. It requires good promotion and marketing for a book to be known in the market and therefore, increase its sales. But how could you have a well-rounded marketing plan if you have limited sources? Most self-published authors would have to work with a limited budget.

There are simple steps that you can do to start promoting your book in a cost-efficient way. Here are some things that you can easily do.

• Maximize the internet. You can start talking about your book in blogs. You can also start joining discussion groups about books. There are readers and book enthusiasts that are eager to discover good self-published book. There are different websites that posts book reviews online. You can ask them if they would like to do a review of your book. This would give your book an opportunity to be rated and promoted at the same time. Bu you have to remember to be conscious when posting about your book, you do not want to sound fresh out of the Yellow Pages. You can answer their inquiries and at the same time provide some information about your book. You can even create your own website.

• Another cost-efficient way to promote your book is to attend writer conventions, conferences, and other events. Just make sure that you would have business cards with you and ready to take contact information for possible contact people. If you feel that there are no conventions or any events that you can go to, then why not bring the event to you and your book? You can organize book talks, whether it is a small or a big event, the important thing is that you have done something. You can talk to colleges and libraries if it is possible for you to host readings or local literary events. You do not have to spend a lot of money to host activities.

• Another easy marketing tip the self-publishing authors could do is write a press release. A press release should contain the description of the book, written in a way that would draw the interest of different media outlets. If you have no experience in writing press releases, then there are many websites that could help you write press releases.

• Do not underestimate the power of online distribution, you can have your book in Amazon or any other similar websites. This would help you promote your book.

• Also, do not forget that nobody could spread the word faster than friends, relatives and family. Make sure that they read the book and promote it for you. News spread fast.

• Another fact is that there are some people who are very excited on knowing that you are an author, so they would buy a book and put it into their shelves and actually say that they know the writer. There is nothing wrong in taking advantage of that way of thinking. So make sure that you have a business card anywhere you go. Also include the book information in your book, so they would get the idea that you are an author.

Marketing and promotion is not something that you can do successfully overnight. Whether you are into self-publishing your book or a publishing house is doing it for you, nothing is wrong if you would be promoting your book. You would also have to remember the promoting a book is something that would require patience, persistence and enthusiasm.


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